Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Yea!!!! We finally captured a couple smiles for everyone! Each day she's smiling more and more, no laughing yet, but we feel it's coming on soon!
Grandparents and parents are the most excited about the smile. Alex really doesn't care, but he's pretty much a ham all the time, so she smiles at him a lot.
This last photo is a full body shot, because she's so darn cute and we thought you folks out there would like to see her fat thighs :) Hope you all are doing well!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at that girl!! I love here little face and her perfect thigh rolls. I have some serious cuddling to catch up on with this girl. I have such visions of your two kids coming over to Aunt Melissa's (and thinking that I am totally awesome) for a movie night or a BBQ and cousin fun. I really hope to have the kind of relationship with your kids that they just walk into my house, open the fridge and feel right at home. You all hang in there.

Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable! I really do wish we lived closer together because our girls are so close in age and I'm sure that once they grow up they will end up being twins without even knowing it until they unwittingly meet as roommates at some run-down apartment complex south of campus. :) Hope everything is going well, and keep those pictures coming!
love, jenn

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! I love smiley babies...anytime you want to come visit Seattle, I'll babysit her for you! :)