Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Hello!!!!! We just had a fun trip to Moab with the whole Mauger family. We only got a few pictures of Michelle and Daniel (and Michelle's eyes were closed) and then we forgot the camera on the bike rides. So it just looks like it was a vacation with our little family, but really, the whole crew was there!
The first picture was when I was camping and Alex decided to get ready in his bike riding gear (dave's), unfortunately he didn't get to go on many bike rides. The one he went on was in a trailer and Lydia screamed in his ear the whole time...poor kid.
The next is outside of our hotel, which we got to know really well. The heat made us stay outside and play "throw the ice cube" games in the parking lot :) Alex LOVED that!
The last two are on a hike to delicate's a classic. Al did great and was only carried about halfway, and Lydia could've kept going forever!
I love the last picture except the arch is a little sloped so it looks like Dave and I are leaning to the left. Oh well! just tilt your head!


John & Jennifer Savage said...

yay! an update! i'm typing with one hand due to baby, but had to say that the pic of you and dave and the kids is awesome! i'm just sad we didn't get to see you guys while you were in the same state. love you! jenn

Darrell said...

hey you jollies! I'm jealous you guys are in driving distance of Moab--I love that place--mountain biking just isn't the same in the east--way to many roots and trees!
Hey we just added you guys to our friends list--I'm not sure what that means--but I think it should make you feel very special.
Later, Darrell and Amy

Anonymous said...

Look at you guys!!! It amazes me how fast a family grows and changes. Alex is going to be such an awesome cousin for Elijah. In no time they will be cruising around on their bikes and, eventually, showing up their dads with their skills. (Don't tell Dave, he may not be ready fto accept this yet :))

Tell Miss Lydia to get her cheeks ready for some serious Aunt Melissa kisses! We are so excited to visit.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous" is me Melissa. I dont' know why it won't take my blogger account, but just so you's me.