Friday, November 09, 2007


Question of the day... What is on Alex?

Here are some clues that he gave me

1. My legs hurt

2. I need to fix my tummy

3. I look like daddy

Here are some clues that I knew

1. He was supposed to be taking a nap

2. He was very quiet for about 10 minutes
3. He played the piano after I heard him get up for a few seconds.
These were my guesses...shaving cream, mayonnaise, the white cream makeup from halloween, Desitin, marshmallow cream, lotion...maybe face lotion, and of course anything that I didn't realize that we had in the house until he actually put it all over his body.
Luckily, he's almost three so he gladly retraced all of his steps for was only on the couch and piano. I'll give you another clue, his carpet in his bedroom won't be getting diaper rash for a very long time. I guess he started with the "rash" on his leg and then decided he could look like Dave when he shaves. He did a good job, nap time was over quickly today :)

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