Thursday, November 01, 2007


OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Pretty scary huh? Lydia actually loved her costume, it was totally wet with drool by the end of the night and Alex, as you can see, got into character really well. I'm pretty sure it's the thesbian in Dave that Al has, but he was really good at acting like a scary ghost. He even made Great grandma run in fear (which if you've seen great grandma walk, that's a really large feat!) We carved some pumpkins, and neither Alex or Dave would actually put their hands in the pumpkin guts...where's their spirit? But they turned out well. I hope everyone else had a great halloween and I'm looking forward to all the ghoulish pictures!


Jason R said...

Too cute! That is a great ghost costume!! Did he ask to be a ghost??? There was a little boy at our trunk or treat who was Wyatt (better known as Super Why" and Elijah went crazy. I thought of Al! I'm glad you had a happy halloween!

darrellandamy said...

Halloween looks fun with kids! We are excited for next year-later