Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas time

Merry Christmas!!! Papa Gary got to dress up as Santa for a ward Christmas party....Alex still was scared, he didn't recognize him at all. But I think you can see Gary's proud smile even underneath all the itchy polyester!

My mom is famous for her gingerbread houses. They're homemade gingerbread, sticky frosting and tons of candy. Alex looks like he's concentrating, but this is his new "I don't care if you think I'm cute" look :)

The adults usually do most of the work on these things, but kids love them because of the CANDY!!! This was always the picture with the Arp family...Nathan working, Nikki probably talking to me :), and Sonya eating candy.

They turned out great in the end, if you notice we even have Neecos as the shingles for the roof....I was fairly intense during this, it has to be exactly like I remembered. But we ended smiling, so that's good!


John & Jennifer Savage said...

Love those gingerbread houses! That looks like serious business! We made one, but we bought it as a "ready to make" set, including pre-made icing. It felt kind of sacreligious, but it was still really fun. Isn't it great having our little families and starting to create those traditions and memories? And as always, your kids are so adorable!

ann marie said...

Very cute! Looks like fun! I bet it was fun having Nichole here too!

Melissa said...

Just so you know, the boys are planning to ask you if Al can have a sleep over in their room when you come. That should be fun...a? We are so excited to see you guys!