Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cousin Sonya!

Sonya's here! The whole Arp family came for Christmas break...but because of the snow and crazy season times, I've only managed to get pictures of Sonya :) Simone is also here and as cute as can be, and of course Nichole and Nathan (they're cute too). But Alex and Sonya really hit it off this time, they're right at the perfect age to really play together. Nathan is an AMAZING uncle, and he played in the snow with them and Jodi's little boy Owen...they're favorite activity was being pulled on the sled!
Sonya's on the front, Al in the middle, and Owen hanging on for dear life on the back :)


Melissa said...

We are so excited to join the party!!! See you soon!

ann marie said...

Kendra-That's way too cute! Just darling. I'm glad Nichole could be here with you!

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Kendra, cute pictures! I love seeing pictures of kids sledding, especially cute kids! And you're right, I check and comment on everyone's blogs on the nights that I update my own. I do everything in one fell swoop lol. I also got your Christmas card and it was adorable! I loved the family pictures and all of the glitter. :)