Friday, February 01, 2008


  I was looking through my pictures and realized that I didn't record a BUNDLE of here we go!  This first one is Alex's 3rd birthday.  He got this lovely rocket launcher from Aunt Nichole...and I have already been hit with these stinkin' rockets too many times to count :)  But we can thank Uncle Jason for teaching Alex how to aim them.  Aren't older siblings supposed to get over torturing their younger one when we all get older?

     This is just a sweet shot of Sonya and Al holding cute!
   Finally, our new television box.  Why a new television you ask?  Well, our old one broke so we sent it in to the shop.  He looked at it, said it would be too expensive to fix, and we could buy a new one for the same price.  It was only 5 years old so we asked him what was wrong.  He said there was a souvenir penny from The air force academy (one of those flattened ones) stuck inside......ALEX!!!!!  We went about a year ago to the academy, so I guess we should be happy it lasted as long as it did.

And here's sweet lydia, who will eventually also be shooting rockets and sticking pennies into our electronics, but right now she's just learning to eat with her hands and trying to cruise on the furniture :)


Melissa said...

I miss those kids! Al's serious expressions and Miss Lydia's big grin! We are ready for some all day parties with the Maugers!

Anonymous said...

Lydia has changed so much in the last few months. I love the pictures, oh and the penny in the TV!

ann marie said...

You're tagged! Post seven things about yourself and then tag seven others! I look forward to reading them! Happy Sunday! I'm still thinking about Enrichment!:)

Hannah S said...

oh, my. how did a coin get into the TV? We have had the carseat box in our house for about a month now. Entertainment everyday! and it's free!