Thursday, February 21, 2008

pictures pictures pictures!!!!

Here we are!!!  This'll be a quick attempt at catching up.  We have two cameras and I forget which pictures I post, and which I don' this is a few months time in the Mauger household.
First, sweet Lydia swimming, she's a daredevil and I have to be on my toes because she doesn't mind going under.
 So we put Lydia on the toilet because we're gonna start her early :)  I did read a book that suggested 6 months (ugh!) was a great time to start.  She loved sitting on it, and we got some cute, not too revealing shots. 
Here's crazy Al and his permanent chapped cheeks, Colorado winters.
We flew to St. Louis and Al got a seat all to himself because Lydia was throwing up and the flight assistant wouldn't let us sit with Lydia on the single seat row.  So Dave decided to sacrifice for Al :0   He enjoyed himself fully!
And here's cousin Madeline singing to High School Musical songs (I'm told that's cool)  and Alex is rockin' out!  We'll work on the dance moves when he's older :)
That's it!  Hope you enjoyed them.


John & Jennifer Savage said...

Oh you know I have to know all about early potting training lol! Maddy is also a little fish and loves the water and swimming, so maybe when you guys come out we can go to our cool local pool (it actually is one of the best indoor pools I've ever been in, and in Tooele of all places!)
I should post on my blog but I probably won't. Maybe later today. But Maddy is pulling books off the shelf, so that's my cue to go. :)

Melissa said...

Go Lydia!!! I'm so glad Alex likes hanging out with us. We love showing him what's cool and he can keep me on track with my parenting style! I hope everyone is well!