Friday, March 14, 2008


  We had a crazy Thursday here.  Early in the morning Lydia woke up and Dave went to get her.  At the top of the stairs Dave's feet slipped, he landed on the top stair and dropped Lydia, and they both went tumbling.   The whole fall I hear "bump, bump, bump" and  "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!"   At the bottom of the steps I found Lydia laying on her belly and Dave trying to pick her up.  I grabbed Lydia and Dave rolled onto his back asking about Lydia but barely able to breath because he was in pain.
    I took Lydia to the couch and checked for broken bones or bruises or blood and she was already smiling at me.  She was perfectly fine except for a tiny bump on her lower can kind of see the carpet burns here (our stairs are carpet)
   So, I go over to Dave, who is still on the floor and tell her she is alright and he is rolling on the floor in pain.  I ask him if he's OK and he all of a sudden stiffens and starts trembling and gets red in the face.  I start yelling his name and there's no response.  I'm crying and yelling and decide to call 911 and finally he looks up at me and asks me why I'm so sad.  He also says his back hurts.  Although Dave is still insisting he's fine I call 911 anyway and they take Lydia and Dave away in an ambulance, Dave on a huge backboard with neck braces and all.  Alex and I follow in the car.
   The whole time Alex was having a blast.  He drew pictures for Dave while he was on the floor, he kept telling me it would be OK, and he kept shouting "follow that ambulance!"
   So, after hours and many tests, we find that Dave has a compression fracture on his vertebrae (T12 for all you anatomy folks).  Lydia's perfectly fine, just a shiner on her left eye.  Dave is OK and would rather have pain than feel loopy on the drugs.  So, a day later we're all good and can even joke a little bit about how pathetic we everyone in our family has had a hospital visit due to falling down those stairs.  Not a good record :) 


John & Jennifer Savage said...

Holy Hannah! Are you sure everyone is okay? That is really scary! It's amazing how resilient babies are, thank goodness. She rolled off the bed last month while I turned seriously for two seconds and I felt like the worst mom in the world. She didn't look up and me and smile though lol. She was pretty mad at me, but she was fine. Whew! Hope you guys are doing okay!

Hannah S said...

0h, geez! That's scary! That's good it wasn't worse. That would scare me!!! Actually, I would probably think Tyler was just being a wimp at first and try to ignore it. But I suppose w/the reaction Dave gave...I thought he was kidding the way you explained it but obviously he wasn't. scary.

The Zmoos' said...

Holy Mole Kenna!!!! You guys have the craziest heath crisis stories. I still remember all the stories you told me about spider bites, pneumonia, etc. I asked Ethan for advice for you. He said to stop falling down stairs and be careful bending over and lifting things. Isn't he so helpful!

ann marie said...

Kendra--I am so glad that Dave and Lydia are doing okay. That is really scary. Greg was holding Natalie last Thursday and fell down stairs too! I am really glad that everyone is okay. That's really scary! I hope Dave is feeling better!

Joe and Ashley Bair said...

Hey Maugers!
How's it going? I was just glancing over the Frosts' blog and found you there! Joe will be way excited.
So how is everything? Are you still in Colorado? Congrats on your darling little girl. What a beautiful little family!
Check out our blog
We had a little boy, Spencer, in December. Joe's working away at his chemistry PhD at the University of Illinois, and I'm a mom and a freelance editor. Life is good! Keep in touch!
Ashley Bair

Chelsea said...

Yikes! I'm glad Dave and Lydia are okay. How scary!
I still can't believe I found you after all this time...and now Liz, too. It's all very exciting! Let's keep in better touch this time:)
Ryan and I were in California for five years and we moved to Utah about a year ago. Ryan is working full-time and finishing up his PhD thesis on the side (he has two chapters left and is hoping to finish in time for graduation this June). Kate will be two in May and I stay home with her.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
And Happy FHE!

Chelsea said...

P.S. Any idea of what's up with Amber or Sarah?

Chelsea said...

P.P.S. I added a link to you guys on our blog. I hope that's okay?!