Saturday, March 08, 2008

Happy daylight savings!!!

 Sorry about the title, I couldn't think of anything clever, and I am a little happy about the time change, it means my kiddos will now sleep in an hour later!  Until the sun comes up earlier again.

   I'm a target junkie, I'll admit it.  This chair was a pick-me-up present to myself after a hard day of potty training.   The kids love 'em.
    Who has the best snow hat????? LYDIA!  The best part is that she truly knows how awesome it looks!  What kid does this when you put an itchy hat on their head and it's 60 degrees outside??

  Al and Lydia with their beards.  We staged Alex's, because we had to get one picture of him in here right?  But Lydia did that on her own.  
  This one will make the grandparent's smile.  I'm going to have to buy a lock for the bathroom door or something, because as soon as she's a few inches taller, she'll be starting up the bath and climbing in all on her own!

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Brandon and Erica said... are you?!? I just got onto your blog (after I checked my email from you probably four months ago) Your kids are ADORABLE!! I can't believe how big Lydia has gotten! And Alex is a stud.
So good to read up about The cute Mauger fam!