Saturday, May 10, 2008


            Alex found that Lydia sometimes has some good ideas...this was her house until he moved in.  She looks OK with it though :)

           It's beautiful here in Colorado, we even got a little sunburnt.  This is in our backyard.

   This last picture is really only for Jen, although everyone can look :)  She wanted to see a picture of the living room after I finished all the walls and the couch and piano bench.  There ya go Jen!  


John & Jennifer Savage said...

I love the room! You have such a way of making things look so homey and cute at the same time. I also love the color of your wall. What color is that? It looks kind of like a light robins egg blue. I love it! (and I'm jealous of your great backyard!)

Cath said...

I just had lots of fun reading up on your recent blog posts...the video of Lydia walking is so cute! She's getting really big! I'm impressed with your couch, by the way. AND, glad that Dave & Lydia survived the fall down those stairs - that sounds really scary. I'm glad that everything turn out ok! love ya!

Melissa said...

I love when the kids play outside again after a long winter. Your room is like totally reborn. Is that a new leather chair that I spy??? Me likey! I'll have to come plant my growing rear in it in a few days!!!

Rachelle said...

Good job. I can't believe the couch--I don't think I'm that brave.