Thursday, May 15, 2008

You've done well, my young grasshopper

Dave finished our bathroom!!!  Sorry we don't have a before picture, but here is the final product!  Picture a blue toilet and sink, an old metal window, a mildew covered old glass shower door, a smaller shower where the base is uneven so there's always a pool of water in the shower, and huge water stains on the linoleum (sp?), that dripped through the floor onto our TV downstairs....yuck!  Was that a good enough picture for you?
  The biggest thing is that we didn't actually hire anyone to do this!  Dave did it with lots of help and advice from Gary and Ed...but I'm very impressed.  I now call him master craftsman :)


Anonymous said...

You two are amazing--painting, re-upholstering couches, and remodeling a bathroom. Wow! Way to go! Are you finished or do you have more projects? I'll hire you on the next time I need something done.

Chelsea said...

Nice work guys, it looks great! I second the "Master Craftsman" nomination.
Our last place had a blue bathtub, a white toilet, and a pink sink...nice, huh.

Hannah S said...

Way to go! That looks really nicely done!

The Troyers said...

That bathroom looks awesome! How long did this take? I love the colors you chose.

Eaton Family said...

Impressed! It's nice to get little glimpses of your place since I've NEVER come to visit. Sorry! Anyway, I know how the updating goes since that's all that we've (or wait...Nathan) has done since we moved in.

Anonymous said...

Way to go! That looks really good! I love the updates of your house renovations! I'm so impressed. I need you to come out here to help our poor house out here in Washington. :)

Anonymous said...

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