Saturday, July 12, 2008


  I guess I forgot the obligatory "What I did July 4th" post, so here's my summary.  We had a BBQ, watched fireworks and got to bed was great!

  On another note, this is my sunflower :)  It's the very first time I've grown something from a little seed and it worked out!  I love it, it's huge (they're dwarf sunflowers) and I'm very proud.  Now I just need the rest of my yard to look like this pot...hmmm.
  Because it's summertime we got the slip 'n slide out, yahoo!!  I did slide and flew right off the end, it's for little kids, so there are no pictures of me doing it.  But the kids LOVED it.  And grandma even got everyone involved in a huge waterfight at the end, the Rozeskis were there too.
   OH, and a quick story.  We got a fish about 5 months ago and Alex has never named it.  I thought he'd be really into it but he doesn't care at all.  Anyway, he was feeding it the other day and I asked him what it's name was.  Alex said something like "compassiovisiondafiter"  or something like that, but then he said "but I just call him FISH". hahaha


John & Jennifer Savage said...

Holy cow that is such a pretty sunflower! It looks like the picture on the package of the seeds...Are you sure it isn't? You can tell us the truth. :) I love the story about the fish too. That's hilarious. Too bad that story couldn't be beat by a picture of you sliding down the slip and slide. Would Dave PLEASE be on hand with the camera for that next time? I'm not asking just for my sake. I'm asking for posterity! lol!

Anonymous said...

You are a brave woman..okay, you may not think so, but I am terrified of slip in slides, so in my book you are! I will never, never attempt one. It creeps me out. I love the fish story. Way to go, Alex!
And yes, Emma is still sleeping in the crib.

Joe and Ashley Bair said...

We just did a water-games Primary activity (I'm in the presidency), and we had a slip-'n'-slide too. The kids were crazy about it. And some of the grown-ups were too. :)