Thursday, July 24, 2008


  I just have a few tidbits for you all.  First, this is my new craft (not the pillow, just the branch) It's called needle felting, and you take raw wool and kind of tangle it up onto the pillow. (or whatever fabric you want to use)  It looks like embroidery but takes no thread.  It's a really cool, crazy that it works craft.
  Second, Lydia and Alex on their pirate ship.  Pretty much everything is a pirate ship for Alex, and Lydia loves to be included (note her expression).  They also really love this blanket...I found it in the closet from Dave's college days.
  And last, I didn't take a picture because you shouldn't of this kind of stuff.  But, our next door neighbor died yesterday somehow and they put the the crime scene tape up and had the CSI taking pictures until late last night.  He wasn't old, maybe 45, and lived we're not sure what happened.  But I am a little more cautious about letting my kids play in the yard without me and things like that.  I've seen many CSI and cop-related shows, and I didn't realize that all the CSI people actually do drive big black SUVs that are unmarked.  Why?  I still have no clue.


chelsea said...

That is a cool craft. I've seen some really neat purses made out of rubbed wool...I wonder if it's the same type of thing?
And I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor. That is really sad. I hope they are able to figure out what happened.

John & Jennifer Savage said...

I've always wanted to learn how to do that with the felted wool! Very cool! Scary about the neighbor though. Now you've got me all curious (I guess I'm morbid) but you have to tell us if you find out what happened.

Thrillsons said...

That is so crazy about your neighbor...when I was in high school my parent's neighbor was a single guy that was maybe 40 and he was murdered too. I think it actually happended somewhere else, but I never heard too many details...I'm curious to see if you find out anything too.

Emily said...

Hi Kendra. Remember me? Emily from BYU? Actually, I think we might be friends on Goodreads. Anyway. I saw your blog through Chelsea's. CUTE kids! Their so big! I just started a family blog, but it's private, so send me an email and I'll invite you. emykate03ATyahooDOTcom