Monday, October 06, 2008

6 quirks

I've been tagged.  I need to post 6 quirks about they go

1)  I believe that I am about the same height as people who are 6 feet tall.(I'm actually around 5'5")  I was totally surprised that Dave and I were at such different heights in our wedding pictures...yes I dated him for years thinking we were around the same height :)  Also, people my height I feel like I tower over.  Like my mom, she seems 5 feet tall.

2)  I think I am a technical genius.  I know relatively nothing about computers and things but I'm not afraid to press all the buttons at once or press the dreaded "yes" command to something I have no idea what it means.  It usually works.

3) I always have to have multiple things on my "to-do" list.  And none of them are the everyday normal things like clean the house or do's usually like organize the closet, paint the bathroom, built a lattice :)

4)  I hate cooking the same thing twice.  I get tired of dinners very fast and I love to experiment.  The only thing I could eat over and over again is cereal.

5)  I am a big texture person.  I hate biting into an onion, even though I like the taste.  I hate chewy chicken and I can't have ice cream that is too frozen, ugh!

6)  I tap my toothbrush three times on the edge of the sink after rinsing it off with water.  Dave makes fun of me about it so I guess that makes it a quirk.

Now I'll tag these 6 lovely winners!
  Catherine Hatch(yes, you again :)
  Keri Troyer
  Jenn Savage (try not to copy all of mine :)
  Allison Smith
  Chelsea Monson
  Lauren Osborne

Rules :post 6 quirks about yourself and then tag 6 more people.  


Brandon and Erica said...

haha! Cute quirks! I never knew any of those about you! Except that you probably DID feel 6 feet tall when you would stand next to me. Would it surprise you that I am only an inch shorter than you?:-)

Melissa said...

I did learn more about you. I didn't know we were the same height and we share our inability to cook the same old meals over and over. As for the toothbrush thing, I'm sure that is the perfect amount of tapping for proper water removal :)

ellen said...

You are one unique lady! I always thought it was funny how tall you thought you were!

Catherine said...

hehe. I loved reading your quirks... I do remember you loving cold cereal. And I should try your technique with technology. :)