Monday, October 20, 2008

big Al

 Yesterday at church we were listening to the speaker tell a story about a little boy's faith.  He said the little boy looked down a big dark hole to give his Dad lunch (his dad was in the hole) and couldn't see anything so he called for his dad.  His dad yelled back up and said "just jump down, I'll catch you"  so the little boy jumped.  It was a touching story and the speaker went on to talk about faith and about two minutes later Alex asked grandpa "how did they get out of the hole?"  It was great :)  I'm impressed he was listening that closely.


Melissa said...

That is a great moment, and so typical Al. So astute, so logical in his thinking...... and yet here I am now wondering, "How did they get out of the hole?"

Ashley Bair said...

How cool ... and what a good question! :)
I find myself highly impressed by your remodeling skills, by the way. How do you know what would make a space look cuter? We've definitely got some in-need-of-cutening spaces in our house. Any tips?

Catherine said...

Alex one smart kiddo! He sounds like a thinker for sure. :)