Friday, January 09, 2009

photo shoot

  We know a few people who are photographers, some portrait, some landscape.  We also have a great many more who want to be photographers and can take pretty darn good pictures but don't charge for them.  I thought I'd try a dabble in it.  And the cutest subjects I had in the kitchen?  My kids :)  I tell Alex to go hug his sister...this is the look I get.

  Luckily, Lydia perks up when I say hug and runs to Alex.
Al won't get off the hippity-hop, so they fall...
  And this is Lydia's close up :0
  So, I guess I just don't have the talent :)  They even tried to pose.  Lydia then wanted more pictures of her so she got all dressed up, sunscreen on with sunglasses and keys in hand.  Then she blew a kiss goodbye and headed out the door.
  Maybe I'm not cut out for photography, but I still love these shots.  


Amber said...

Those kinds of pictures are my favorites :) Lydia is getting so grown up!

Peay Family said...

Ha ha ha. I think you should definitely go professional, or if you're not looking for a serious career you could at least turn your kids onto modeling.

Jodi Glazner said...

I was laughing so hard! Lydia is a hot mess and loves it! That girl will never lack for self-confidence. Awesome.

Ryan said...

great pics. Lydias picture is one of the sadest/terrifying pictures.