Monday, June 01, 2009


  Don't laugh at the title... although I only have one child in school and he only goes two days a week for two hours each day, summertime is a HUGE deal!  Here's how summer has been so far (the past two weeks :)  Here's our one iris, I have a whole bed of them, but only one bloomed...hmmm
This picture is only for Melissa and Jason, this is your old dresser!  I love it, thank you for letting me have it and do whatever I wanted to :)
Here's our beautiful garden :)  We're going to have a scrumptious spinach salad this week, the rest isn't done yet.  Lydia helps pick out the mushrooms
  Alex made me a "grasshead" for mother's day.  It's basically a homemade chia pet, but I love it all the same 
  This is the last day of preschool, we had a party at the park.  And this is Al and his best buddy James.  James won't be there next year, he's going to kindergarten and lives in Golden so chances are that they'll never be in the same school again.  It was good while it lasted James!


The Busey Family said...

I love that dresser. What did you change about it? It is awesome! I am sad that only one flower bloomed. There were a bunch of red and yellow tulips around where we live and someone got rid of all of them. It was heartbreaking. Hope things are well!

John & Jennifer Savage said...

the garden and flowers look lovely! and i'm guessing that you have big plans for the summer because you are a summer girl fo sho. :) The dresser looks fabulous, I'm guessing it was dark wood and you painted it shabby chic white, which i love. I'm so glad to see a post! Hey, and I heard a rumor you might be coming to Anne's wedding, is it true?!

Chelsea said...

Look how long Lydia's hair is! Isn't fixing up furniture so much fun -- I love it! Your garden is impressive looking. I'm not going to plant anything this year. After killing all our plants last year I decided taking this summer off was the humane thing to do. I need to borrow your green thumb.

Eaton Family said...

It's been a while since I've been on your blog. I was laughing the whole way through. I love the homemade mothers day present. Your garden looks great...Lydia is adorable...and I really hope you haven't had any more head bonks! You are the cutest family ever!!

Lauren Osborne said...

Goodness, that dresser is gorgeous! Way to go. I felt the same way about my tulips this year...a few blooms but not like my neighbors. Happy summer time!