Sunday, January 31, 2010


Meet our first pet (besides bubbles, the fish). This one is a little bit more work than bubbles, but we can pet him (or her). Some friends in out ward had two rabbits that were supposed to be two boys, but they weren't. So they were giving away the bunnies. Yea for us!
Our friend's little girl named it. Alex's choices were straight ear, scratch, and fur head. So we stuck with Crackers :)
It's very calm and hasn't ever scratched or bit us (yet). We let him run around for a while during the day and then he goes, quite willingly, back to the cage. I love it, I admit we got him probably more for me than the kids :)
And of course Lydia, she' growing up and this outfit really showed it off ;)


Ryan said...

My family had pet rabbit growing up. They have a place in my heart. Good pet choice.

J and Company said...

I believe I met those rabbits in person! :) Very cute, and Lydia does look so grown up in that outfit. Time sure does fly. p.s. I got a package yesterday from one of my really good friends and it cheered me up considerably. You are loved, thank you so much.

Jodi Glazner said...

My sister's rabbit used to chew at the corners of the walls. It was a menace, but very cute. Didn't you guys (the Rozeskis) have a rabbit names Speedy?

Chelsea said...

What a cute bunny! I had a rabbit growing up and I loved her. They are so easy to litter box train, but watch out because they like to chew on lamp and computer cords.