Sunday, November 20, 2011


We've been wrapping up our sports season this last week and I will miss them, but I'm excited for all the extra time during weeknights and saturdays!

I coached a volleyball team for the teenage girls in our church. After a rocky start we not only won the area tournament, but we also won the regional tournament! That's as far as we go, so it's done, but I'm SO proud of my girls! They really stepped it up. They're all 12 or 13, except for one 16 year old. YEA 2nd WARD!!!!

Alex also finished up his season with a bang. This was his first try at soccer and it was really funny to watch :) He likes to guard, and thinks a little too hard when trying to kick the ball. By the last game (during a HUGE wind storm) Alex ended up scoring THREE goals!!! I cheered like crazy (although, you couldn't hear anything because of the wind :)

Here's his cute little team, his cousin Elijah is on here too (to the right of Alex, black hair, serious face :)
I love love love sports, and I hope my kids will realize how much fun it is to work with others.


Catherine said...

Wow! Kendra, I'm so proud of the volleyball team! I have no doubt your coaching played a part in you guys winning. Way to go to Alex for scoring all of those goals! Apparently, the extra thinking before kicking really pays off. :)

Ellen and Jason said...

Those 2nd ward girls rock!! How fun that Alex and Elijah were on the same team! Makes it easy for grandparents :o)