Friday, April 20, 2012

Chickens! (and a tired girl)

Our chicks are finally in their coop!  Dave did such a great job and it looks very plush :)

The picture above they are only 1 week older than the picture below, they grow so fast!

 We did have a tragedy the first week during their stay outside.  It turns out Aspen is not as timid as we thought and she got our chick named "coyote".  I found it and it was really traumatic for a while.  The kids went through all the stages of grief in about 5 minutes.  We're all doing a little better now...

On another note, one night Lydia fell asleep before going to bed (she crashes about once a month).  I still wanted to brush her teeth because she had caramel popcorn so here I am, brushing her sleepy teeth ;)


Pretend Fancy said...

that last picture cracks me up. you're such a good mom. also, nice chicken coop! very posh looking, lucky chickens (except coyote, r.i.p.)

Ellen and Jason said...

Those chickens are awesome!! That's amazing that Aspen was bold enough to go for one of them. I didn't think she had it in her! I'm sorry for your loss though. btw that picture of Lydia is super funny, it kind looks like she's just bored.