Tuesday, June 19, 2012

summer pics

We decided to tear up our linoleum and carpet and put in wood floors.  There were three layers of linoleum, at least 3,000 staples, cork board, carpet, tacks, etc.  Lots and lots of scraping... here's the "in progress" pictures. (not sure why the dishwasher is open...)

And here's the (almost) finished product!  We need baseboards, but I LOVE how it turned out.  Dave did a great job!

Lydia went to a birthday party where Cinderella came and dressed them up in princess garb.  The girls were a little shy at first, but they warmed up after the princess waving lessons :)

We went to Casa Bonita with the Arps (Simone was MIA here :)  Horrible food, but a great place to visit!

Alex's last day of school picnic, this guy next to him is his good friend Torin.  I like his hair :)
We also went camping at Red Feather Lakes, and the kids played with fish heads... but I forgot my camera :)


liz said...

You guys are amazing! Wood floors, roofs, redoing couches... I wish we had your skills! Love the floors.

Jennifer S said...

Yeah no kidding, Liz is right, you guys tackle stuff I would never dream of tackling! I LOVE the floors. We tried to do allure flooring and we gave up ha! looks great! (did you do the entire house, or just the main floor?)

Catherine said...

Wow! The floor is AWESOME! I love it! It probably feels so good to look at it and think 'we did that!'

kkoyle said...

i LOVE the floors, great job!