Thursday, April 18, 2013

Winter in springtime

We have had a good snowstorm every week for the past month, so for the most part we're still inside playing :)

Autumn & Lydia are acting out their favorite barbie movie (princess and the pop star).  I'm not super familiar with it, but I'm pretty sure the root beer bottle is supposed to be the magic microphone...

Alex & Lydia all dressed up for their sock hop at school.  They both still love to get into character

I found this in Alex's backpack the other day.  "Alex please come to Diggers funeral.  Its at the second reeses.  It will mean a lot to me.  Love, Cami"
I asked him how the funeral went and he said it was postponed, due to snow.  The next day they couldn't find Digger (digger is a worm), I told him he had gone to a better place.

Lydia wrote this for me, she wanted to write I love Kindergarten... but got confused about how it was spelled, so changed it to Kendra.  I'll take seconds, no problem :)
"I luve Kendra my mom she is vere nise"

Finally, here's my volleyball team I played on for the last few months.  It was really fun, and hard.  They all play really well.  We had a tournament at the end and I was all giddy and excited just like in school.  I'm glad I could play.

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Meedy said...

A volleyball team? COOL. You do such fun things!