Thursday, April 11, 2013

face painting

I decided I should learn how to face paint :)  It's a useful skill that would really come in handy at fundraisers and birthday parties (right?)  Actually, I did it just for fun.
I'm not an artist, so these are a little rough.  But I thought it was awesome that I had such willing victims!

First, my favorite, the frog :)



Then I let the kids practice on me... the balloons got a little out of control :)

And this is up to interpretation, it started as a dolphin, then maybe a penguin?
anyone out there good at face painting, and can give us some pointers?


Vandegrift said...

Don't get it in your victim's eye! ;)

Jennifer S said...

my favorite was the balloons getting out of control because i know if i let my kids paint on my face, it would never have started in control :)