Friday, April 04, 2014


We went to New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama for spring break and it was SO FUN!  We are now sunburnt, tired, sick, and fat… all signs of a good vacation :)

We tried some crawfish, the kids thought it was a little spicy but they were good sports about tearing off the heads!

We went to the WWII museum and the kids got to dress up like propaganda posters

Yummy Beignets at Cafe Du Monde, with jazz music in the background

Lydia surrounded by baby gators at the zoo

Holding a "pocket" gator during our swamp boat tour

In Mississippi it was cold but the kids HAD to play at the beach… notice me in the background all covered.  My kids are nuts!  We also went to the NASA center where they test rocket engines, Lydia looks awesome as a mini astronaut.

Tour of the USS Alabama, it poured the whole day but the boat was really cool.  If you look closely, Alex's face has rain drops running down

Our last day was super sunny at Orange Beach in Alabama.  We played in the sand and the waves the entire day.  This sunny day made all the rainy days worth it!

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