Thursday, May 15, 2014

May & April

Easter… we still love the HUGE egg hunt we have with the Rozeski family each year.  My mom fills about 300 eggs and my dad and brother hide them (we just freeload :)

My sister had her baby!  Her name is Naomi Mata'aiga Arp, and she has beautiful curly dark hair and is very very sweet.

Crazy hair day at school, well at the bus stop

Alex likes to find snakes during Lydia's soccer games, he found SIX this time

Sock hop day at school.  I usually try to make a poodle skirt but we saw this skirt for Lydia and couldn't resist

Finally, Lydia's birthday is today!  She is 7 years old and she got a new bike.  This morning she couldn't resist riding it around a little bit before school.
Lydia is a wonderful girl.  She loves to help me and anyone else that might need some work done.  She is kind to everyone and tries to be sympathetic.  She still will fall asleep in seconds, just like when she was a baby.  I love watching her grow and I love being her mom, it's so easy!


Meedy said...

Snakes at a soccer game?!! Crazy. I can't believe Lydia is 7! I didn't realize/remember that her and Caleb are the same age. Fun to check your blog! Glad you are doing well!

Arp Family said...

I've noticed also that Lydia is very kind. She is a special girl.