Sunday, September 28, 2014


Dave won the trip of a lifetime and we were all able to go to Seattle and watch the broncos play the seahawks in an amazing long weekend!

We flew in early friday morning and toured the Museum of flight, Dave and Alex were in heaven :)

We also did a duck boat tour, complete with quackers :)  It was really entertaining and REALLY fun to drive right into a lake!

Here is the infamous gum wall, it's more like a whole gum alleyway.  We put our own gum on the wall too, and tried to touch nothing else :)

The famous pikes place market.  Right behind us is the stall where they throw fish, but we never bought anything, so we never caught anything :)

Bainbridge Ferry, this was such a fun ride!  WE didn't even stop off at Bainbridge island, we just rode the ferry right back.  In this little harbor there was a seal and her pup playing in the water, it was dreamlike.

We ate at Ivar's fish bar.  IT's right on the pier and you are encouraged to feed your french fries to the seagulls.  It was hilarious!  They weren't really annoying either (probably because they are fed pounds of french fries every day!)  When you threw fries over the fence the seagulls would cheer!

Of course we did the space needle :)  You couldn't have planned for more perfect weather here in this supposedly rainy city.  It was gorgeous all four days, almost hot!

Sunday morning, before the broncos game, we went to Alki beach.  There was low tide and we found all sorts of fun animals.  Hopefully we didn't kill too many with our poking and prodding :)

Here's the game!  The Broncos lost, but it was in overtime and really exciting.  Dave only won 2 seats (that were 6 rows up!), so we had to buy a couple nosebleed seats at the top.  After halftime the girls got the good seats and the boys sat up high.  It was an intense game with a crazy crowd and I was nervous most of the time… but it was an experience we will always remember.

On Monday we were able to go to Mt. Rainier National Park.  It was mossy and wet and beautiful, and there was even a old forest with HUGE trees.

We had so much fun in Seattle and would love to go back and stay even longer.  We still can't believe that we were so lucky as to WIN a trip this amazing.  We will be talking about it for a long time :)

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Meedy said...

What a fun trip! You got to do SO many things there. I know I say this every time I comment on your blog...but your kids are adorable!