Tuesday, July 01, 2014


I finally got to visit Yellowstone, and it was worth the wait!  Not only is it totally unique, but there is wildlife EVERYWHERE!

We heard it was cold there, but of course we forgot jackets.  So we got these awesome Grand Teton jackets  & hoodies… we looked super official :)  
Here's the famous geyser, it was awesome.

I didn't even get out of the car for this picture!  Bison were everywhere.

This picture does not do this mud pot justice.  It was the coolest thing to watch clumps of mud being thrown around by the steam underneath.  We could've watched this for hours, seriously.  It also kind of smelled like bacon and the noises kept Alex entertained (4th grade humor).

I didn't get out of my car for this either, these animals are so comfortable with being the center of attention that they don't even give us a look.  He looks like he's growling, but he's actually just opening his mouth to eat a flower.  

After Yellowstone we went to Salt Lake to see Steve & Kass.  Daniel & Michelle came up to visit all the way from Texas so we had a little reunion.  It was awesome to get the cousins all together and see everyone again.  Somehow we managed a picture with over 60% of us not looking at the camera or closing our eyes.  That's terrible!  Oh well, we had a blast anyway.  We'll just have to get together again to take another one.

I also met up with a college roommate, and it was so fun to see her.  We took a picture but I can't get it off instagram (I just started and can't figure it out yet).  It was a great trip

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