Thursday, December 06, 2007

Alex Picks Up and Lydia on the Move

Here is Lydia on the move! She is quite the scooter now and is very happy about it. But being on the move, Alex's toys are now within her reach. Today, Alex got upset that Lydia had scooted over and was gumming his play tools. When he was informed that he should pick up his toys if he didn't want Lydia to play with them, he promptly picked up everything in the family room!
The other night, Alex had a late bedtime, so dad cut the Christmas story a little short. Alex went to sleep but was up a few minutes later. When dad went to get him, he said, "Hey! You didn't finish the Christmas story!" Nothing gets by Alex!
Alex also thinks that Santa makes the best angel in the nativity scene and that the 3 wisemen brought gold and Frankenstein for the baby Jesus.


Ann Marie said...

That is so funny! I remember Brendan doing the exact same thing when Natalie started crawling. It's so funny! Whatever it takes to get them to clean up, right?

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

That is so hilarious. That poor baby with no toys on the floor. Classic big brother move. He and Jaxen can swap stories about the girls that invaded their space. The thought of him working so hard to pick up every toy is just the best.

John & Jennifer Savage said...

Oh that cracked me up seeing all of those toys up on the couches. This is a kid after my own heart. Especially when you're a middle child and forced to share with upper and lower siblings. He's learning fast that one! lol

Hannah S said...

Kendra, that is so cute! I loved how he picked up every single toy!
I hope you don't mind me reading your blog! I found the link on Ann marie's! I can't believe your baby is crawling already! And I lover her name!