Friday, June 27, 2008


 Warrior Alex!  I wanted to post a few short stories about Alex lately, and this was a pretty current picture of his normal warrior stance.  Right now Dave and Al are "camping" in our backyard.  Alex goes to bed around 8:30 at it is still really light outside, so I think they'll stay up late playing in the tent, or Dave will be really bored in about 10 minutes (hope he got a book).  
  In all reality they'll probably last till 9 when they come inside to fall asleep in bed :)
  So, stories.  Alex is really into giving me hearts and saying he loves me... which I love.  Tonight I told him to stand up straight so I could get him dressed, instead he was hugging me.  When I told him again he said "but mom, I HEART you!"  Isn't that a tween saying?
   Also, in San Diego whenever we would see a black man in a service position, like bus driver, security, trash man, he would say loudly  "Thank you NORVILLE!"  Alex has a loud voice that is quite clear, so the man would always either smile or laugh or act like they were ignoring him.  He kept saying "Look mom, here comes Norville!"  Now, I don't know why, but for some reason Alex thinks that all black men in service positions are named Norville.  It was kind of embarassing but mostly Dave and I were just confused as to where he got this.  Crazy kid.
  Also, Dave told him he was cute and Alex finished with "as cute as can be!"  Too many grandparents around this one :)


John & Jennifer Savage said...

NORVILLE? LOL! Oh my gosh, that might be the best story yet! And the I heart you Mom story is adorable too! Yeah, those deserved a blog posting for sure! Oh man, I am still laughing about the Norville thing. Seriously, where did he come up with that? lol!

Chelsea said...

The Norville thing cracked me up, too. How funny!
And how cool that you got to see Liz, Ethan, and Maddy. I hope she's doing okay. It looks like you guys had a great time in San Diego. I've heard that Elmo and the Sesame Street gang are at SeaWorld--don't tell Kate! :)

Brandon and Erica said...

hahaha. I love the Norville thing.
Hilarious. I bet he is at such a fun age right now! Your little family is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Alex is hilarious and so cute! I loved hearing those should post more. I'm sure those men getting called Norville went home and googled it to figure out where he got that. hehe. It looks like you had lots of fun seeing Liz, Ethan and Madeline...I'm still bummed I couldn't make it!
love ya,