Friday, March 20, 2009


  Lydia's been sick so we've been laying low.  But we decided to go to the zoo today for the afternoon.  The weatherman said it would be 70, but it wasn't.  Oh well, still fun!
Al is an eagle in this picture.  We went into Bird World (it's an indoor area where birds fly around you and walk around freely)  A bird pooped right on Alex's head.  He wasn't even that mad about the whole thing...maybe because there weren't any other kids in there to laugh at him.  It's an older exhibit.
  Lydia had fun looking at the elephants, and they named the crocodile Charlie.  Good day


The Busey Family said...

Cute pictures. I found your blog on Janell's page. Hope you don't mind! :)

jen&john&maddy said...

I can't believe (I'm being serious here) how big Lydia is. She's such a little girl! So cute. Honestly, are you the one who told me that two was it? How can you just have two when your kids are so darn cute?? :) Not like I'm harassing you about how many kids you're having since I only have one, but seriously, you two have gorgeous kids. I'm just happy to see a blog post!