Monday, May 02, 2011


Lydia is growing up fast, and you can tell by this picture that she loves candy (I think her teeth might be blue!) I wanted to write a couple things she's been doing lately that we can't help but laugh at...

*My favorite part in the movie 'Tangled' is when Rapunzel and Flynn are in the bar with all the ruffians. They walk in and her hair trails behind and one of the brutes says "wow, that's a lot of hair" and Flynn says "She's growing it out". I don't know WHY this is SO funny to me, but I'm laughing right now as I type it :) So, Lydia told me that she was going to grow her hair out and then scrunched her face up and closed her eyes and tried to "push" out her hair... it was hilarious :)

*She's been really into rhymes lately, but she's not so good at them. I keep telling her that it's the ENDING that sounds the same. So, she was rhyming with ACID today (Alex's new toy shoots acid.. not real of course). She said 'acid rhymes with gas', and I told her they didn't so she said, "I know! Gas rhymes with A--!". Good job Lydia, good job :)

*She's never gotten past sucking on a straw with her tongue out of her mouth. So, now Dave is trying to catch her tongue when he sees it out while she's drinking. Now she'll say "Dad, guess where my tongue is" and then drink. When he asks where, she proudly says "in my mouth!" Tricky girl

*The last thing, that we hope is a phase, is she's a big liar. I have to ask her if she's "pretending" like 20 times a day. I'm always really surprised when she's not. This is confusing since we're starting to talk about abuse and things like that with her... I hope she understands it all.

Lydia's birthday is just a few weeks away, and she's already betrothed to 3 boys (we're keeping our options open :). We love this little pistol!

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katina said...

I think she's got rhyming down!! :0) That's SO funny!! (And Isaac lies all the time too.....we're hoping it's a stage too.) :0)