Sunday, June 08, 2014

End of school & summer

Lydia was the "little red hen" in her class play.  Here she is with the two ducks, Julianna & Brooklyn

Alex with great form on field day

Lydia's birthday party. She went through lots of theme ideas, like horses, circles, games, circus, carnival, and ended up going with the theme of "pink" :)

Lydia's soccer team this season, her coach was pretty much the best coach for little girls ever

We went camping on my parents land.  Dave and my dad chopped down a tree to make a bench and Alex was right there helping the whole time

We went to Hammond's candy factory for a tour.  It was really fun, and they had an AWESOME candy store after the tour :)

Rockies game with their cousin Elijah.  Our seats were right at the mile high mark (real nose bleed seats) but we got there early and were able to get close to the players on the field.  It was the perfect day for it.

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